Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Simplifying Checked In Allowance Rules of Singapore Airlines

If you were to access the data regarding the nature of queries which people make with the airlines, you would realize that queries related to luggage matters are one of the highest ones. Even though information is provided in the website of the carrier, people generally want to be doubly sure about what all items they can carry so that there are no last minute hassles at the airport. Probably one of the finest carriers of the world, and especially of the South East Asian region, Singapore Airlines has baggage allowance rules which will make many a heads spin. WE have tried to reduce this puzzle somewhat in this post.

To begin with, there are two parts of the world, as far as the allowance matters are concerned. One is where the ‘piece’ principle applies and the other is where the ‘weight’ principle applies. You must be wondering why this unnecessary complication. Why can’t we have only one principle? That is a matter of debate but let’s go with the present convention for the time being.

So, the countries where piece-based allowance rules apply are US and Brazil and for rest of the countries, the weight based rules are applicable.

So, for flights to/from USA, 2 checked in bags are allowed for all normal passengers. Economy class passengers are allowed 23 kg of each bag whereas Business/First Class and Suites travelers can carry 32 kgs each.  If you are a KrisFlyer or Star Alliance Gold member, you can take 3 bags with same per bag weight restrictions. The PPS Club members are allowed to take 4 bags.

For flights to/from Brazil, there is uniformity in number and weight of pieces to be carried across all cabin classes of travel. So, normal passengers are allowed 2 bags of 32 kgs each, KrisFlyer and Star Alliance Gold members are allowed 3 bags of 32 kgs and PPS Club members are allowed 4 bags of 32 kgs each.

In case of flights to/from other places where the weight concept applies, Singapore airlines checked in allowance is different. It depends on class of travel and loyalty level of passenger. As mentioned earlier, there are three classes of travel Suites/First Class, Business Class and Economy Class. Free checked in luggage for common passengers is 50, 40 and 30 kgs respectively for these classes. For KrisFlyer and Star Alliance Gold members, it is 70, 60 and 50 kgs whereas for the PPS Club members it is 110, 80 and 60 kgs (100 percent more than those of the common passengers).

If weight of your luggage exceeds these limits than excess baggage charges would apply. These rates can be known from the Singapore airlines baggage allowance.

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