Monday, 7 May 2018

What Makes Spicejet Check-in So Easy?

spicejet check-in

If you are flying on Spicejet, then the biggest relief could be that you are able to check in using a number of ways. There is no sole dependence on the Spicejet airport desk which was the only way to check in before the flight. As travel technology has advanced, it has made possible to explore various other ways of checking-in. While it is true that each of it comes with its own set of limitations, there is no denying the fact that the pressure on airport check-in desk has been reduced considerably.

Spicejet check-in can be done in two ways other than at the airport. These are:

1. Web Check In
2. Mobile Check In

Basically, both of these are driven by internet and the only difference is of using the different devices and platforms.

While web check in is done using the desktop or laptops, the mobile check  in can also be done using the mobile application of the airlines. This application needs to be downloaded from either the Play Store or Apple itunes Store in your mobile. Once done, the process of check-in can be accomplished in no time from any place and at any time. So, you can get your seats reserved and order for special services or meals right from you mobile device or desktop, without having to visit the airport or contact center of the airline.

Even as checking in on Spicejet flights has become a lot more easier, security concerns might still require you to carry a paper print-out of ticket and e-boarding pass. The one present in the mobile is not going to be accepted at the airports in India. Proposal for allowing the same has been put forth many times by airlines but this has not been accepted so far by the security agencies at the airport. 

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