Sunday, 31 July 2016

American Airlines Check In Options

American Airlines (AA) is one of the major carriers of United States of America. It provides a range of options for easy check-in for passengers. This is to enable them to obtain their boarding passes without hassles, without being in long queues at the airports.

American Airlines online check in is available from 24 hrs and up to 45 or 90 minutes before departure of  domestic or international flights respectively. 
AA mobile check in is also available within same time limits as online check in. 
While at the airport, passengers can use the regular check-in counter or the kiosk machines kept nearby to perform check in. Before entering the airport terminal, passengers can also avail the curbside check in services. 
If you are new to airport or flying for first time or you feel there might be an issue with the chek-in process, you can seek assistance from a personal representative all the way during check in process. 

Saturday, 30 July 2016

When is it not possible to perform Vistara web check in?

Vistara, the only Indian carrier to add a premium economy cabin class, is a joint venture between the Tata group of India and Singapore Airlines of Singapore. It provides three cabin classes of service- economy, premium economy and business class. Passengers can fly to a limited number of domestic destinations in India using its flight service. They are allowed different baggage allowances as per the cabin class.
Vistara provides multiple ways of checking in. Passengers can proceed to airport counters for this purpose. They can even use the auto-check in facility of the airline if ticket has been booked with some agent. It is also possible to get a Return check-in done if the return flight is within 48 hours. However, it is the Vistara web check in which is extremely convenient for passengers since they can get the boarding pass in email and in their mobiles.
However, Vistara web check in might not be applicable in certain cases. In these situation and these special passengers are required to use the regular airport check-in.

vistara web check in

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Go Air Web Check - Easy and Effective !

GoAir is the low cost carrier of India, owned by the Wadia Group. The airline operates domestic flights and does not fly on international routes for now. It is the fifth largest airline in India having about 8 percent market share. The carrier has hubs at Mumbai and Delhi airports from where it flies to different destinations in India. The airline allows convenient online ticket booking, changes to itinerary, cancellations, check-in and other services through its website and mobile application. Among its online services, web check in is one service which is convenient for passengers as it prevents long wait at airport queues.

GoAir web check in facility can be availed both by passengers who are carrying only cabin baggage as well as by those who are carrying check-in baggage as well. For the latter, there are baggage drop counters at airports where passengers can get their bag-tags printed and affixed on luggage and then leave these there. They can then proceed directly to airport security clearances. This way, the travellers are able to prevent long queues at airport counters.

Go Air web check in facility can be accessed by visiting the website of the airline and entering the last name and PNR number. During the process, you would be able to add baggage, select the seats of choice, add services required and get the boarding pass. Boarding pass can be had either in the mobile device or in the email. Whatever may be the format or receiving it, it has to be printed before going to the airport because this has to be shown in the printed format to the airline and the security. If travelers are not able to take the print out, the same can be taken at airport through the check-in counter by paying a fee.

There are certain opening and closure times for checking in using online medium. Further, there are boarding gate closure times which shall be respected by the passengers. Flyers with check-in baggage are required to report a little earlier than the usual check in timelines.

While this service can be availed by most of the flyers on Go Air, some passengers are not allowed to use it. They have to use the airport check in counter. These passengers, in general, are the ones whose documents need to be checked and verified by virtue of their special medical condition or age. Pregnant women, unaccompanied minors, wheelchair assistance requiring flyers, travelers with infants and others are required to produce documents. This requires their presence at the airport check in counters and hence the web check in facility is of no use for them. 

Friday, 22 July 2016

Delta Airlines Baggage Allowance For Domestic Flights

Delta Airlines is one of the major airline companies of USA. It flies to more than 60 countries worldwide covering more than 330 destinations. It was founded 92 years ago in 1924 but commenced operations only in 1929. It follows a baggage allowance policy which varies according to route of travel, loyalty rewards membership status of the passengers and cabin class service. There are four different types of cabin classes in Delta Airlines- Main Cabin (which is comparable to Economy class of other airlines), Business, First and Delta One. The last one named is the highest level service offered by Delta Airlines.

Delta Airlines Checked Baggage Fees and Freebies

As per the Delta Airlines baggage policy for domestic flights, the Main Cabin passengers are required to pay for checking-in even their first baggage. The charge for first baggage is USD/CAD 25 while for second baggage is USD/CAD 35. For all Main Cabin passengers, the weight per bag is 23 kg and the sum of dimensions is 157 cm for each bag. So, no check in baggage is free for travelers in the Main Cabin class. If they are planning to take 2 check-in bags, they will have to shell out USD/CAD 60.

However, passengers travelling on other cabin classes on domestic flights are not required to pay anything for carrying 2 check-in bags. Further, these cabin class passengers enjoy a higher allowance of 32 kg per check-in bag. So, the benefit flows by being able to carry more on their flights and, that too, for free.

Apart from the check-in allowances or fees, the passengers are also allowed to carry one cabin baggage which shall two types of size restrictions- sum of linear dimensions shall not be more than 114 cm and individual limit shall be of 56, 35 and 23 cm. The individual side dimensions are also important because the bag is required to be put in the Check which is kept at the check-in counters at airports. If it does not fit into it, you might be either charged more for it or be asked to put it in check-in baggage.

Interesting as it might sound, there is no maximum weight limit to the cabin baggage except for Singapore where 7 kg limit is applicable and Shanghai, Beijing and South Korea where 10 kg limit is applicable. And, there is no charge for carrying cabin baggage.

Along with the cabin luggage, you are also allowed to carry one personal item, which could be 1 purse, briefcase, diaper bag, camera bag, laptop or 1 item of similar nature. There are some other items which can also be taken in cabin and these are not considered to be a part of the personal item. These items are a jacket, overcoat or umbrella, duty free items, wheelchairs, strollers, crutches and other assistive devices. 

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Check-in Times for Delta Airlines Shuttle Service

Delta Airlines is one of the major airline companies of USA. It provides flight connectivity to different parts of the country as well as to international destinations. It also connects cities and towns close to each other via flights. This flight service is called the Delta Shuttle service.
In order to connect with the flight, the passengers using this shuttle service are required to report in time.
The time lines of check-in at the airports from these  destinations shall be met. These cities where Delta provides shuttle services are mentioned in this pictorial. You can also check the connecting check-in timelines.
For Delta check-in times of the domestic flights, please click here.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Air India Kiosks Check In To Be Operational Throughout India

This is measure which will go a long way in reducing the long queues at airports. While the facility of web check in is already being provided to the domestic passengers by Indian airline companies, it is also a fact that this move has helped partly. There is a need to further ease the process of check-in by taking other measures such as by providing kiosk check in counters at airports. Recently, this service of kiosk check in was provided for on an experimental basis by putting up 2 kiosks at Mumbai airport for this purpose on select Air India routes. After meeting a huge success, it has now been decided to extend this service to the full domestic networks of not only Air India but also Jet Airways.
Besides using web check in, these will also be used for baggage tag printing and automated boarding cards. The common use self service (CUSS) will also be used for generating tags for check-in baggage for those who are using Air India web check in and Jet Airways online check in facility.
It is notable that many airlines of the world already have these systems of self check-in in place at different airports from where their flights operate. With one of the largest aviation markets of the world, India will gain immensely from this measure. It will work to reduce airport congestion, allow passengers to tag their check-in baggage and leave these at drop-off counters, save time and even avoid hassles. 

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Google in RyanAir Crosshairs For Misleading Ads

It is not unusual for travel agencies to use Google Ads for advertisements. In fact, these are one of the most efficient tools of search engine marketing. These ads are useful for generating a quick visibility on the search engine which has a dominant position.
Airlines list their inventories with the travel agencies for sale for which the latter take out the ad campaigns. However, while doing so, the agencies are required to observe that there is no copyright or trademark usage violation. While creating the ad as well as the landing pages, it is pertinent to ensure that the customers are not misled in any way.
In this particular case, the online travel agency, eDreams, put up Google Ads for Ryan Air tickets using its own branding material and misled customers into believing that they are booking tickets on the Ryan Air platform. Ryan Air received many complaints which prompted the airline to take eDreams to the regulator in United Kingdom, Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).
ASA has upheld the complaint. However, the regulator has also noted that eDreams is within its right to use relevant search terms for becoming visible on Google result pages using methods of search engine optimization.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Web Check In- Procedures and Efficacy (Case Study: Indigo Airlines, India)

As queues began to get longer at airports worldwide and rapid strides began to be made in IT industry, there was convergence of interests that led to emergence of web check in, or, online check in, as some would call it. This method made use of internet to enable passengers to get their boarding passes in their emails or smartphones and select their preferred seats. For airlines this meant shorter queues at their check in counters. For airport management, this meant less hassles and better passenger management at the airport. While it was a boon for passengers who were only travelling with the cabin luggage since they were not required to report to check in counter of the airline at the airport, the ones who carried check in baggage were either not offered web check in service or were required to keep it at drop-off boxes.
So, you achieve the following by web check in:
  1. Save time
  2. Save long queues at airport check in counter
  3. Confirm that you would be boarding the plane
  4. Select seat of choice, if available, ahead of others
  5. Save paper as you get boarding pass on mobile or in email. Print boarding pass on your own.
  6. Travel straight to security screening bypassing airport check in when you are having only cabin luggage.
  7. If you have check in luggage as well, this can be left at drop-off boxes. You will get the baggage tags here.
  8. Manage Frequent Flyer Program points
  9. Choose meal options
  10. Enter baggage details
Since online check in method is convenient (just as in case of Indigo web check in), passengers are charged more for certain services which are chosen using the non-web methods. Some airlines might also charge for getting the boarding pass printed at the airport.
If passengers who have used the online check in are also carrying the check in baggage, they are required to leave their baggage at the drop-off boxes. There is usually a separate line for such passengers so that they can complete check in formalities in time. Some airlines might also require compulsory airport desk check in for passengers requiring special assistance, if travelling with an infant and in cases where there is a need to verify the travel documents, valid ID proof or other transportation details.

Web-based check in opens ahead of the normal airport check in, allowing users to get their desired seats conveniently and ahead of others. This facility might not be available at all airports. Passengers shall enquire about this facility before booking their tickets. Airlines, such as IndiGo, also provide this facility of automatic internet-based check in for passengers who book tickets with it.