Sunday, 10 May 2015

FAA Permits Illinois State Police to Fly Drones

Federal Aviation Authority of US has been granting exceptions to companies on case to case basis for using drones for declared operations. This practice of providing the exceptions for enabling their use has been a key practice till the time it came up with comprehensive guidelines which could enable their usage for all. Recent addition to this list of exceptions is that of the Illinois State Department and this is for the first time that this permission has been granted to the State Police Department for their use.
The primary focus of their usage would be in investigation of the crime scenes and crash sites on highways. This means that the authorities would be able to deploy these for public convenience and also in generating information quickly.
The Illinois State department has been developing a program for the use of drones for its use for over 2 years now and FAA has granted the approval on the basis of this program. It meets all the guidelines of FAA one of which prohibits their use for surveillance purposes.
Earlier, exceptions have also issued to some other companies and individuals for use of drones in certain types of works.

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