Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Who Has to Get Emirates OK to Board Permission?

Emirates had added the OK TO Board provision as a condition for entering UAE for passengers coming from certain countries. This additional check was introduced in order to prevent illegal travel to UAE using forged documents. As UAE is one of the most cherished travel destinatin for people of Indian subcontinent, there is a great desire to visit Dubai and other Emirates, even if it means using wrong and crooked means to gain entry.

Who have to go through this process?

There are three categories of people who have to take this permission before boarding the Emirates flight:
a) Citizens of India and Pakistan departing from their country of citizenship.
b) Citizens of Sri Lanka or Bangladesh who are travelling from India to Pakistan. It shall be noted that all citizens of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are not subjected to this rule. Only those who are travelling from India or Pakistan have to perform this additional Emirates check in step.
c) Indian citizens whose passports are stamped with Emigration Check Required stamp and are travelling as seamen or ship crew to certain countries. These countries are Indonesia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria  or Yemen.

Passengers are required to fill this Ok-to-Board form for this purpose. 

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Ryan Air Online Check In Process- Official Video

The above video guides the passenger on how to check in on Ryan Air online in step-by-step manner.

Ryan Air online check in can be done free from 4 days and up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure of flights. Or, it can be done from 30 days when buying reserved seat on paying charges.

Passengers who are not already registered with the Ryan Air website are required to provide their reservation number and email Id that was used while booking ticket. Thereafter, passengers are required to provide the details of their travel documents along with the nationality, date of birth of the passenger.  Then, passengers can either pick their seats or it will be automatically assigned to you. The last step is the printing of boarding pass or getting it online in your email.

You can perform online check in after booking tickets after retrieving the booking. You can also add checked bags, change name, add special assistance, change flight, confirm itinerary, and allocate or change the seat. 

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Ryan Air New Baggage Rules Aimed At Cutting Delays

Ryan Air had announced the new baggage rules late last year and these are set to take effect from January 15, 2018. As per the new rules, the cabin baggage will see a major revision wherein non-priority passengers would be allowed to bring in only a small baggage of size 35cm*20cm*20cm. The larger cabin baggage of size 55cm*40cm*20cm and 10 kg weight would be allowed only for the Priority passengers. These Priority booking customers could be Plus, Flexi Plus and Family Plus members.

Another noteworthy point in the new Ryan Air baggage allowance is that wheelie suitcase would not be allowed in cabin.

To compensate for the cabin baggage restrictions, Ryan Air has increase the check in baggage allowance from 15 kg to 20 kg per passenger. And, even the fee of check in bag has been reduced from Euro 35 to Euro 25 per bag.

These measures are designed to encourage customers to pack more in their check in baggage and carry less on-board. This will help the airline to cut down on delays since a lot of time is taken by passengers to keep their bags in overhead cabins or under the seats which prevents others from seating down well before the flight time. This results in delay which impact the operation of this low cost carrier.

It shall be noted that prior to introduction of these changes the airline allowed passengers to carry two cabin bags on board, one smaller and the other larger. Now, the larger one would be put on hold at the gate for non-Priority passengers.