Thursday, 12 March 2015

GOL of Argentina Signs Codeshare Agreement with Air Canada

Air Canada has entered into a codeshare agreement with the GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes of Argentina which will enable the passengers to make more effective and convenient use of the networks of the two carriers. Though the two airlines already have an interline agreement wherein passengers can make a single reservation for flying on both carriers, this agreement will further increase the scope of the travel and benefits for them.
This agreement, when approved by three organizations-Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil, the Canadian Transportation Agency and the Conselho Administrativo de Defesa Econômica, will allow Air Canada code to be added to the Argentine carrier’s tickets. It will also allow for the accrual and redemption of the frequent flyer miles or points on respective programs of the two carriers.
Air Canada currently provides direct passenger service to 64 Canadian, 52 US and 78 cities in rest of the world. The GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes is a low cost carrier of Latin America with presence in 71 destinations. It does not fly long haul since it is a LCC, its international destinations are limited only to Caribbean, South America and the US.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Air India Shutting Down Offices Worldwide

Surviving on massive government bailout package for the moment, Air India, the national carrier of India, is in the process of putting its house in order for the ultimate objective of attaining profitability in the near future. As a part of series of measure across the horizontal and vertical segments of its business operations and cutting across different departments, Air India is shutting down offices which it considers a drag on its resources. While it is happening in India, it is also being done in foreign cities as well.

Air India has offices in many countries of the world, even in those countries where there are no flight operations. Efforts are afoot to close all those offices where revenue generation is not as per expectations and where there are no flights. To meet this end, the carrier has shut offices in Zurich, Chittagong and Vienna. In the immediate future, it will also close offices in Cairo and Tehran. However, the offices in Washington, Los Angeles and Amsterdam will continue to remain open even though these cities do not have flights currently. Air India will also be downsizing operations in its Toronto office. 

United Airlines Adds Cruise Redemption to its FFP-MileagePlus

In a move that will be welcomed by cruise lovers who fly United Airlines, the carrier has added cruises to its list of redemption options for its frequent flyer program members. The cruise-lovers can search for packages at or using the toll free number which will be manned by cruise experts. You can check the details here. Travelers can make use of various tour options based on cruise lines, destinations or themes of cruise.

Number of miles to be used for redemption purpose varies according to chosen viewpoints such as Interior, Oceanview, Balcony or Suite. The destinations served on cruise are in Caribbean, Europe, South America, Mexico, Hawaii and Alaska. Redemption can be done wholly by using the accumulated miles as well as by partly miles-partly money options. All in all, this diversifies the options available for people for using reward miles. 

Singapore Girl now reaches Madame Tussads

Very rarely does it happen that instead of a celebrity, an iconic brand of a reputed airline takes a place in the prestigious Madam Tussads wax museum. It is perhaps the first instance in the history of this museum that a girl’s wax statue has been created who is not a celebrity in herself but has been chosen to represent the brand image of a world-class carrier, the Singapore Airlines. The video of the creation of statue has also gone viral and appreciated a lot.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Vistara on ‘Vistar’

Vistara, the full service legacy carrier of Tata Sons and SIA, has announced the plans to begin flights to Guwahati and Bagdogra in North-East India. The airline currently operates flights from Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. With the addition of these new destinations from Delhi, there will be greater connectivity with the region, which is well in tune with government ambitions as well.
The carrier is awaiting a nod from the government to do away with the 5/20 rule wherein the new carriers are allowed to operate the international flights only after they have operated on domestic sectors for 5 years and have a fleet of at least 20 aircraft. This rule is proving to be a major stumbling block in expanding to more profitable international destinations rather than expanding to low-profit sectors on the domestic routes.  However, the other carriers, who have already suffered due to this rule in the past, are opposing the move arguing that there shall be level playing field among all carriers and rule shall not be changed. The government is also pondering over the cons of taking this step of removing the rule.

However, till the time government takes a final decision, Vistara is expanding into high density corridors. Bagdogra is the main gateway to many attractive tourist destinations in the region and considering that the number of travelers to that region is increasing by the day, Vistara has moved to cash in on the demand.