Sunday, 12 April 2015

Rapid Rewards- The Best of All Frequent Flyer Programs in USA

Which is the best frequent flyer for you? Is it the one where you can earn miles easily? Or, it is the one which allows you to redeem these easily? Perhaps, these are the two single most important criteria of judging the frequent flyer programs of airlines. In a recent concluded survey in USA which aimed to know which US carrier has the most attractive FFP, it has come to light that it is the Southwest Airlines which has taken the lead over the others. And, if you look at the reasons which make it so, it is because of its extremely customer-friendly policies.
Southwest Airlines has based its program on number of dollars spent, not on miles flown, which is the current trend barring the single most important exception of American Airlines. There are some touchpoints in its FFP which are customer-friendly. These are:
  1. Passengers are free to use their award miles for use even on regular flights or on any available seat. This is a far departure from other carriers which either has separate award flights or reserved award seats. This makes it extremely convenient for passengers to redeem their miles whenever they want.
  2. The carrier also permits the passengers to have free checked baggage allowance, which most of the carrier do not. This is one big attraction for people besides the low air fare for which it is well known.
  3. Another attraction for the passengers is its Companion Pass which is provided once they fly 100 qualifying flights or 1,10,000 qualifying points in a year.

As per the survey, the next preferred FFP is of Delta Airways. But, only 17% of respondents voted for it as against 34% for Southwest. American was the close third airlines, with 14% vote share.

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