Thursday, 14 May 2015

Ryan Air Invests in MRO Base in Poland

Ryan Air, one of the foremost low cost carriers of Europe, is now opening up a maintenance and repair organization (MRO) facility in Poland. The airline has announced its plan to invest heavily in this facility which will be capable of performing the C-level checks of 737 aircraft. This will require investment of Euros 6 millions in Wroclaw-Copernicus airport of Poland.

It has to be noted that airlines are subjected to different levels of checks during the course of their life in order to ensure that they remain airworthy and are safe to fly. When these checks are to be performed depends on a number of factors such as the number of hours the plane is flown, the weather conditions in which this is flown for most of the time and many others. Out of these different categories of checks, the C-level checks are the most comprehensive ones in which the whole aircraft is practically built up from scrap. It involves highest costs of all the checks.

By investing in this sector in Poland, Ryanair would be trusting the abilities of local manpower, providing training, generate more employment and deepen its cooperation in a fast growing market. 

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