Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Rules Changed - 300 cms is New Dimensions Limit

Emirates, one of the top Gulf airlines, had effected a change in its rule of checked in baggage allowance from November 15, 2014. As per the new rule, for tickets issued after November 15, 2014, the allowance will meet dimensional restrictions. While the weight restrictions on Emirates baggage allowance will remain the same for all classes of travel, it will no longer accept that luggage as checked in which is more than 300 cms in sum of dimensions. So, if you are carrying multiple bags on your flight or the items are oversized to the extent that the dimensions exceeds 300 cms then the same will have to be carried in the cargo and will attract the freight charges.

It is to be noted further that for flights to USA/Canada etc where the piece systems applies, there is a requirement that the total dimensions of each luggage shall not exceed 150 cms. In case the dimensions are more than 150 cms but less than 300 cms, there will be an additional fee. However, for more than 300 cms, items are not to be carried as checked baggage.  

The change in the policy is oriented to discourage people from carrying too large items as checked in baggage. This is also likely to increase the revenue earnings of the carrier from freight charges when the oversized items are likely to be flown as cargo.

Before this rule, the carrier permitted luggage of sum of dimension 158 cms to be carried as checked in one and if there were more than one bags to be carried, the sum of dimensions together would not exceed 273 cms.

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