Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Some Statistics about the Bengaluru International Airport- 3rd Busiest in India Now

Bengaluru International Airport was made operational in the year 2008 in place of the HAL airport that had long served the city. As urban sprawled had engulfed the HAL airport, it was deemed necessary to setup a new airport outside the city. So, Kempe Gowda International Airport became operational about 40 kms away from the central business district. The airport has achieved record number of passengers in year 2014 making it the third busiest airport in the country. Achievement of this feat has been largely helped by operationalization of AirAsia flights. By becoming third busiest, it has overtaken the Chennai airport, its rival.
Airport has handled 14.38 million passengers in 2014 and is expected to handle 20 million passengers in 2015. About 10 domestic and 21 international airlines operate from here. It is the main hub of AirAsia India. It has seen a steady growth of traffic from around 9 million passengers in 2008-09 to 12.7 million in 2011-12 before witnessing a decline in 2012-13 to 12 million and again picking up in 2012 to have 14.38 million in 2014.
IndiGo is the main carrier at the airport, serving as many as 16 destinations across India and the World. There are about 72000 seats available for departure on weekly basis which makes up 35% of the total weekly capacity of the airport. Jet Airways is the second biggest with less than half of IndiGo’s weekly seating capacity.

While IndiGo rules the skies at the airport, Emirates and Etihad are the two biggest foreign airlines operating out of the airport. Further, Mumbai and Delhi routes make up 35% of the total traffic capacity whereas Dubai is the number 1 international destination from here.

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