Saturday, 14 February 2015

Which Were the Busiest International Flight Routes To/From India in 2014?

With the end of the December 2014, it is time for the airline industry to take stock of their annual operational and financial figures. So, it is not only the airlines or the regulators like the DGCA but also the third parties who are up to publishing reports of all sorts. One of these recent reports of relevance is that of the busiest routes of international flights to and from India.

As per recent report, the most traveled international route of 2014 was of Mumbai-Dubai, which flew 17.5 lakh passengers. In all, there were 84.5 lakh people flying to and from Dubai which makes it the single most frequented international destination from India.

The second busiest route has been Delhi-Dubai, which has seen about 13.6 lakh people fly between the two destinations. London is the next important frequented city with Delhi-London route being third most traveled and Mumbai-London one being fourth one in the list.

Routes most Traveled in 2014 (data: passengers in lakhs)
Countries Most Traveled in 2014 (data: passengers in lakhs)

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