Saturday, 7 February 2015

‘Fast Travel Platinum’ status for Hawaiian Airlines

IATA has a Fast Travel Program which is used to rate the world airlines for providing a more seamless travel experience. Under this program, this is sought to be achieved by six well-defined initiatives. These initiatives are of a self-servicing nature. These are listed below in order of these happening during air travel:

    1.       Self/ automatic Check-in
    2.       Bags ready to go
    3.       Document Check 
    4.       Flight re-booking
    5.       Self-boarding
    6.       Bag Recovery

The Fast Travel Program offers different levels of status to airlines, with the Platinum status being the topmost of all. This is offered to those carriers which offer four or more fast travel compliant solutions to at least 80 percent of their passengers.

Hawaiian Airlines is the first carrier in the United States to have achieved the Platinum status. This has been possible as it has been able to provide innovative technology solution and superior customer service to meet the above mentioned checkpoints of attaining the Platinum status.

It been found by many IATA studies that the passengers would always prefer to have self-servicing initiatives which can reduce the travel time. At least 80 percent of air travelers would want to use the self check in facility without having to stand in long queues at airport. Similarly, overwhelming majority of passengers would want airlines to provide encouraging solutions that cut down the travel time. 

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