Saturday, 14 February 2015

JPMiles Vs Club Vistara

As Vistara begins and expands its operations in India, the established full-service private player, Jet Airways, is taking the heat to the new carrier. In a move that is aimed against Vistara, Jet Airways, has made its frequent flyer program more lucrative for passengers traveling on Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Delhi sectors. Though the carrier flies to almost 50 destinations within the country and Vistara flies only the three cities mentioned above at this stage, the offering of higher rewards through the JetPriviledge FFP on these specific routes only is meant to take on the new carrier head on. The rewards are for a limited period, though. These are available till March 31, 2015 only.

The passengers flying business class on Jet Airways on these routes will have three times of the normal JPMiles whereas those flying economy class will have double the base rates. At present, JPMiles earned are based on Ticketed Point Mileage, booking class of travel and loyalty status of passenger. Details of how these are calculated, earned and redeemed are provided here.

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