Sunday, 16 November 2014

Etihad’s Opulence Unlimited at ‘Residence’ Suites

Etihad Airlines, a premier airline of the Gulf region, has been successful in getting its all ‘Residence’ suites booked for the 10 flights. The opulent suites are the next closest thing that you would have in a private jet. Emirates had priced these First Class suites at $20000 and it found many takers for these. These suites are being offered on superjumbo A380s. So, what is it that makes these really special?
‘Residence’ is not just a seat that comes with the usual benefits and facilities. It is more like an apartment in the sky. This suite has a living area, a bedroom and a private shower as well. It covers an area of 125 square feet. There is a 32 inch flat screen TV and a private butler to attend to you all the time. There has been a lot of competition in this class of travel from the rivals Singapore Airlines and Emirates Airlines. For this reason, by booking of these suites, Etihad seems to have positioned itself correctly in this space of luxury air travel.
There have been many studies worldwide which point to the fact that First and Business Class travelers provide a good percentage of revenues to the airlines. They hold the key to airlines getting better yields. While these travelers might be less, but they contribute substantially to airline revenues and profitability.

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