Monday, 24 November 2014

The Berlin Charter- Will it strengthen the Relations of Airlines with Corporate Entities?

Past few years have seen greater impetus being put on the business and the first class travelers by the airlines. A number of airlines from all over the globe have come up with many products, services and offers for these high spending travelers. In the wake of increasing importance of these travelers has come another initiative, this time from a Global Business Travel Association, called the Berlin Charter, which aims to strengthen the bonding of corporate travelers with the airlines further. 

This initiative is being taken in the wake of the IATA’s initiative of reinventing the airline distribution capability through its New Distribution Capability (NDC). As NDC begins to take shape and is expected to be implemented soon, there corporate community has realized the need to bring to notice of IATA the vital role played by the corporate traveler. To that extent, the charter is expected to be a interest group that would present a strong case to leverage NDC in its favour. 

Paul Tilstone of GBTA has clearly said in an interview , “airlines shall understand the need of a corporate client... rather than focus on only needs of traveler”. The aim is clearly to put the needs of corporate buyer in focus. The charter, once ready, will be asked to be signed to by the airlines and, by doing so, the airlines will be committing themselves to the requirements of the charter. In case of failure to observe their duties as per the charter, the airlines will be shown how corporate travelers might be affected and, in extreme cases, they might even be removed from the Charter.
The  Charter is expected to be ready by the end of this year.

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