Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Different Ways of Checking In at Indigo Airlines

Check in a procedure wherein the passenger is issued the boarding pass for getting on-board the airplane. The deadlines of check-in timings are provided in advance so that there is no delay in getting on-board which, in turn, permits the airplane to fly on-time.

Types of Check In Available

Indigo Airlines allows you to check in at the airport for both the domestic and the international flights. However, the web or the mobile based check in is possible only on the flights operating within India. Another important point to note is that this facility of web or mobile check in is available only for those passengers who are carrying only hand baggage and do not have luggage for checking in.

Timings of the Check-In

Opening and closure timings of check in of Indigo Airlines are 2 hours and 45 minutes at domestic airports, with boarding gate closure time of 30 minutes before departure. However, if passenger are checking in using mobile app, or, then check in starts 48 hours and closes 2 hours before scheduled departure.

For the international sector, Indigo Airlines check in time deadlines can be seen by clicking the link.

Importance of meeting the check in deadlines
The timelines mentioned for the check in shall be respected by the passengers. By being on time, you make it possible for the carrier to fly on time. You also get to catch the flight on time and do not miss it. In cases of over-boarding, which is allowed by some of the airlines, some of the passengers have to be de-boarded and priorities are set for the ones who will be allowed to board. The people who have met the check in and boarding time deadlines do get priority over many others for boarding the plane.

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