Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Free Baggage Allowance Of Indigo Airlines

Indigo Airlines is the premier low cost carrier (LCC) of India which commands the highest market share in India. It has adopted a no-frills approach of aviation wherein the carrier aims to provide the lowest priced air tickets to the passengers and focuses on efficient of operations and management. Over a period of time, it has developed the reputation of consecutively becoming the profitable airline and is the top of mind airline brand for passengers due to its impressive record of on-time performance. It is true that the carrier does not provide free meals and entertainment avenues on-board. It also does not have a frequent flyer program. But, it does provide free baggage allowance to its passengers.

Checked-In Baggage

For domestic flights, flying within India, it allows passengers to carry checked in baggage of 15 kgs for each adult or child above 2 year of age.
For the international flights, free allowance is of 20 kg per passenger or child of more than 2 years of age but for Dubai or Muscat flights, this limit is of 30 kg.
Overall dimension limits for checked in baggage on domestic and international flights are 158cms (L+B+H).

If you want to bring more baggage than this, there are excess baggage charges to be paid. These indigo baggage allowance charges for the domestic and the international sector flights can be seen here.

Hand Luggage

At first it is important to note that the hand baggage is not allowed on flights from Jammu and Kashmir. For other flights, only one handbag per passenger is allowed which shall not be more than 7kgs of weight and 55, 35 and 25cms in dimensions of length, breadth and height respectively. Ladies are allowed an additional bag. You are also allowed to carry a laptop.
You can also check details about the carriage of LCD/LED TVs in luggage of Indigo Airlines here.

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