Saturday, 5 October 2019

How Many Ways to Do Spicejet Check In?

Spicejet is the second important carrier of India, after the big brother Indigo Airlines. While the big brother is really big and the younger one will have to do a lot to catch it up, there is no denying the fact that the younger brother has come out of its life threatening ailment to stay afloat and compete with the elder one. The exist of Marans and taking over of the reins of a carrier which was fast going the Kingfisher way by Ajay Singh heralded an era of change. This has helped the carrier, a low cost carrier, to not only survive but also grow over a period of time.
From the beginning the airline has been built upon improving the customer experience. This also includes the check-in methods and procedures. As is the case with many other airlines world over, Spicejet also offers check-in using different methods. These multiple ways enable the passenger to check-in with ease. So, what are these means of Spicejet check in?
At first, the traditional method of airport check in is still in place. You just have to go to the airport check in desk of the airline, get the baggage tagged and get the boarding pass. You might have to stand in queue for some time as there would be others waiting for the same as well. Even the security checks at the airport are quite stringent. These factors mean that there will be more time taken for check in process completion than is done is some other countries of the world. So, it is suggested to be at the airport at least 3 to 4 hours ahead of flight departure time.
If you are not willing to enter the queues, another option available is of online check in or mobile check in. This can be done by using desktop, laptop or mobile with an internet connection and visiting the website of the airline or downloading the mobile application of the carrier. Please note that is available only for domestic flights of the airline, not for international flights. 
This method is particularly useful if you are not flying with an infant or do not need special assistance of any kind, otherwise you are required to be at check-in desk for verification and completing documentation formalities. Well, this method can be used from home or office. It opens after ticket is booked and remain open for up to 2 hours before flight. This facility is available for all flights originating from any airport in India except the Jammu, Kashmir and Leh airports. You can select the seat of choice during the process. However, only up to 9 passengers can check in online.
Do remember these terms and conditions for online check inon Spicejet for hassles free experience.

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