Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Air India Kiosks Check In To Be Operational Throughout India

This is measure which will go a long way in reducing the long queues at airports. While the facility of web check in is already being provided to the domestic passengers by Indian airline companies, it is also a fact that this move has helped partly. There is a need to further ease the process of check-in by taking other measures such as by providing kiosk check in counters at airports. Recently, this service of kiosk check in was provided for on an experimental basis by putting up 2 kiosks at Mumbai airport for this purpose on select Air India routes. After meeting a huge success, it has now been decided to extend this service to the full domestic networks of not only Air India but also Jet Airways.
Besides using web check in, these will also be used for baggage tag printing and automated boarding cards. The common use self service (CUSS) will also be used for generating tags for check-in baggage for those who are using Air India web check in and Jet Airways online check in facility.
It is notable that many airlines of the world already have these systems of self check-in in place at different airports from where their flights operate. With one of the largest aviation markets of the world, India will gain immensely from this measure. It will work to reduce airport congestion, allow passengers to tag their check-in baggage and leave these at drop-off counters, save time and even avoid hassles. 

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