Saturday, 23 July 2016

Go Air Web Check - Easy and Effective !

GoAir is the low cost carrier of India, owned by the Wadia Group. The airline operates domestic flights and does not fly on international routes for now. It is the fifth largest airline in India having about 8 percent market share. The carrier has hubs at Mumbai and Delhi airports from where it flies to different destinations in India. The airline allows convenient online ticket booking, changes to itinerary, cancellations, check-in and other services through its website and mobile application. Among its online services, web check in is one service which is convenient for passengers as it prevents long wait at airport queues.

GoAir web check in facility can be availed both by passengers who are carrying only cabin baggage as well as by those who are carrying check-in baggage as well. For the latter, there are baggage drop counters at airports where passengers can get their bag-tags printed and affixed on luggage and then leave these there. They can then proceed directly to airport security clearances. This way, the travellers are able to prevent long queues at airport counters.

Go Air web check in facility can be accessed by visiting the website of the airline and entering the last name and PNR number. During the process, you would be able to add baggage, select the seats of choice, add services required and get the boarding pass. Boarding pass can be had either in the mobile device or in the email. Whatever may be the format or receiving it, it has to be printed before going to the airport because this has to be shown in the printed format to the airline and the security. If travelers are not able to take the print out, the same can be taken at airport through the check-in counter by paying a fee.

There are certain opening and closure times for checking in using online medium. Further, there are boarding gate closure times which shall be respected by the passengers. Flyers with check-in baggage are required to report a little earlier than the usual check in timelines.

While this service can be availed by most of the flyers on Go Air, some passengers are not allowed to use it. They have to use the airport check in counter. These passengers, in general, are the ones whose documents need to be checked and verified by virtue of their special medical condition or age. Pregnant women, unaccompanied minors, wheelchair assistance requiring flyers, travelers with infants and others are required to produce documents. This requires their presence at the airport check in counters and hence the web check in facility is of no use for them. 

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