Thursday, 22 February 2018

In How Many Ways Can You Check In On Jet Airways Flights?

There was a time when passengers had to queue up at airports for checking-in. The air passenger traffic and airlines were also limited at that time as compared to the present day numbers. If the same method of airport counter check in is the only means to get the boarding pass, you can expect a lot of congestion at airports. Technology has come to the aid of airline, airport management and, ultimately, passengers. They can make use of a number of means at their disposal for checking-in through a number of alternative means. There might be quite a few ifs and buts, and a few terms and conditions on who can avail this and where these can be availed.
Jet Airways provides a number of means of checking in. Each of these has check-in cut-off times and attached conditions to be met for easy and safe check-in. While web check in is quite common, you will also find a number of rather unheard of Jet Airways check-in methods, including twitter check-in, through check-in, Metro check in for Delhi and others. Let us have a look at these:

Airport Check-in
Tele Check-in
Express Check-in
Tweet Check-in : #JetInstant
One Time Check-in on Return Journey
Through Check-in
Metro Check-in at Delhi
Baggage Tag Through facility to / from Macau
Sea-to-Air Baggage Tag - From Macau to Hong Kong Airport Ferry Skypier Terminal
Air-to-Sea Baggage Tag - from Mumbai / Delhi to Hong Kong and connecting on to Turbojet / Cotaijet Ferry to Macau from the Hong Kong International Airport Ferry Skypier Terminal
Check-in at Lianhuashan, Macau and Shenzhen ferry ports for travel from Hong Kong
City check-in terminal at Abu Dhabi
City check-in terminal at Dammam

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