Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Whats Wrong With the Airline Services?

Airlines services are considered to be one of the finest in hospitality industry. In fact, it is the factor of treatment of passengers in hands of cabin crew which defines whether passengers will be flying with the same carrier again or not.
In the past 6 months, we have come across a number of incidents where the airlines have been very rude to treat the passengers who had deserved a more humanely treatments. These incidents has particularly been related to women and kids and diseased people. While one of the carriers did not let a mother take her breast pump as hand baggage which would have fed her infant, the other breastfeeding mom was subject to public embarrassment and humiliation in the cabin by the crew. As if these incidents were not to learn lessons from, there came another incident in which a mother and her toddler were asked to deplane simply because the toddler would not stop crying!
There have been instances in the past as well where the fellow passengers have complained of the infants and toddlers crying on the planes which causes them to lose sleep, the recent incidents highlight that carriers, while going by the rule book, inevitably turn up being rude and inhumane. What follows afterwards is a barrage of apologies and, in some cases, the amendment of the rule books also happens so that these incidents can be avoided in future. But, this leaves a basic question. Can’t the crew be trained in advance to take the right decision in the wake of any out-of-the-book development? Is there a training gap?
While it is true that training can not be imparted as future might throw up unforeseen events, this is also a fact these matters of sensitivity did not warrant such a response which the carriers came up with. A little more sensitive considerations could have avoided these issues.

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