Saturday, 7 March 2015

Air India Shutting Down Offices Worldwide

Surviving on massive government bailout package for the moment, Air India, the national carrier of India, is in the process of putting its house in order for the ultimate objective of attaining profitability in the near future. As a part of series of measure across the horizontal and vertical segments of its business operations and cutting across different departments, Air India is shutting down offices which it considers a drag on its resources. While it is happening in India, it is also being done in foreign cities as well.

Air India has offices in many countries of the world, even in those countries where there are no flight operations. Efforts are afoot to close all those offices where revenue generation is not as per expectations and where there are no flights. To meet this end, the carrier has shut offices in Zurich, Chittagong and Vienna. In the immediate future, it will also close offices in Cairo and Tehran. However, the offices in Washington, Los Angeles and Amsterdam will continue to remain open even though these cities do not have flights currently. Air India will also be downsizing operations in its Toronto office. 

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