Friday, 8 August 2014

Rats on Air India Flight- What is so ‘Rat’tling about it?

A rat was found on an Air India flight recently and it made news worldwide. So, what is wrong about it? After all, the rat was enjoying the hospitality of the Maharaja which we, the human passengers, often rue. While the AI official maintained that there was only one rat noticed, some of the passengers complained that there were more than one on board. This is not a question of whom shall we trust but a question of how much of eaten food got uncharged. AI is already reeling under its fiscal losses and now even the rats are adding to the woes.

The news also had that the plane would have to be fumigated so that the rats can be smoked out. Poor animals! They will soon die without getting the right to be informed about their wrongful act which is punishable by death. If the airplane was not been cleaned properly or maintained as per guidelines, which caught the attention of the mice, then why shall they lose their right to live and AI staff go free.

It is also being said that the mice would have caused much damage to the aircraft by cutting the aircraft wires which would have led to any disaster. That is a real serious threat to the lives of passengers. Mice must pay for being a territory which is forbidden for them. 

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