Sunday, 18 January 2015

What is runwaySimulator Airport Capacity Model?

runwaySimulator Airport Capacity model has long been used by the FAA to ensure that the airports are developed in such a way that that most optimal capacities can be developed for flights to operate. This tool was developed by MITRE. Now, they are planning to allow the use of this tool in the public domain.
The tool is used for managing the runway related operations of the flights. These include recording of the arriving and the departing traffic, assigning the runway, sequencing of the flights and other operations on the runway.  It generates a random traffic sample and this aspect takes into consideration the mix of airplanes that are used for landing or taking off. Also noted are the differences in their respective operational parameters. Also built in the model are the standards of separation between a pair of aircrafts. Pilot and controller behaviors are assumed to be constant. If certain types of aircrafts are not allowed to use certain runways, these exceptions are also developed within the model. With these basic inputs being developed in the model, the algorithm helps in assignment of runways and sequencing of the airplanes. So, it helps in maintaining efficiency of operations with due respect to rules governing separation of carriers and eligibility of runways for certain types of airplanes.

When put in the public domain, this can also be used for estimating capacity of runway for different arrival-departure mixes. 

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